Animal Naturopath Appointment


Marta is back Saturday 30th November - Wednesday 4th December 2019

Book either an initial consult or follow-up appointment and Marta will contact to arrange day & time (appointment at Aussie Pooch Eaton)


Initial Consult - 90 minutes

Animal Assessment & naturopathic treatment

$120 + remedies (payable to Marta directly)


Follow-Up Appointment - 60 minutes

Re-assessement of the animal and acupuncture (if required)

$100 + remedies (payable to Marta directly)


A little info about Marta Calvo Blanco - Holistic Animal Naturopath;

Many years ago I promised to myself and to my first furry friend, a German Shepherd named Tim, that I would learn all what I could about healing animals; not only veterinary medicine, but also some alternative therapies, in order to help those that I truly loved: The Animals.
I got my veterinary degree in Spain over 20 years ago and ran my own practice along with my husband for 15 years. I learned about Homeopathy, Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Natural Remedies, Communication, REIKI, … all of them specifically related to Animals, and became Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist by IVAS in January 2012.. Thanks to that, I was able to use an Holistic Integrative Medicine approach to treat the animals.
I decided to move to Australia and registered as a veterinary Nurse in the Veterinary Surgeon Board of WA in November 2014 and came to Darwin in September 2015. I worked as a vet nurse, learned about Australian wildlife and become a carer.
And now I have decide to follow that pathway, to give the animals the opportunity of healing from a different point of view, the opportunity of giving them an alternative to have the quality of live and care that they deserve, the opportunity to go beyond the conventional treatment.
Along this time I had many other friends that taught me how to look at them in a different way: Tim, Lupa, Mikis, Zosca, Levis, Luna, Uma, Tongui, Sundae, ... Today, Kaly, Turi, Iris and the little “sugars” are part of the family. Thanks to all of them and the ones that will come!!!

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