Haqihana Lead 3m Long 15mm Wide


Available in a variey of colours, the Haqihana leash also comes with choice od 2 clip sizes, 15mm and 20mm, dependant on the size and weigh of your dog. 


Colours Available: Artic, Black, Blue, Chocolate, Gold, Green, Orange, Steel, Turquoise, Violet, Wine.


Haqihanna's 3m lead has been designed so that you can loop the leash to shorten it to 1.5 metres long to keep your dog close by when necessary, then extend to the full 3 metres when you’re dog is free to wander and smell all the wonderful scents in his surroundings.


Haqihana products are made in Italy, from high tenacity spun-dyed polyamide webbing which guarantees colour homogeneity and resistance. The special characteristics of polyamide (nylon) make it particularly suitable for a harness and leash production. In fact, amongst synthetic fibbers nylon is well known for its softness, optimal strength-to-weight ratio, abrasion resistance and chemical and biological stability. Finally, it is fully recyclable.