Chewers Rope Knot Orange

Size: Medium
Sale price$11.95


Yours Droolly Chewers Rope Knot Orange is a combined chew and tug toy perfect for interactive fetch and retrieve games with your dog.


This strong, versatile toy is made from durable rope knotted together to offer extra-resistance during games of tug-of-war and double’s up as a fun fetch toy and as an irresistible chew toy for your pup to enjoy gnawing.


Key features

-       Knot rope toy perfect for dogs who love to chew!

-       Tough, high-quality rope to withstand your pet’s bite and jaws.

-       Bite contact with the rope helps to clean your pet’s teeth and gums.

-       Can be thrown and easily picked up for tossing and fetch games.

-       Can be used for interactive games of tug-of-war with your dog.

-       Keeps your pet occupied with a satisfying chew toy ideal for independent play.

-       Safe and non-toxic.

-       Helps to keep your pet healthy, active, and mentally stimulated.





Medium: 38cm length

Large: 50cm length.



* No returns, refunds or exchanges will be accepted for chewed toys.


None of our toys, even the ‘tougher’ ones are sold as indestructible*



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