Complete Meal Beef 2kg (local store pick-up only)


The Ethical Alternative. Guaranteed Horse Meat Free. No Factory Farming.

Preservative Free, Raw and Frozen, just Thaw and Serve.

Complete Pet beef meat is 85 - 90cl Certified Organic Beef. which means it is Feed Lot and Grain Free.  It contains higher levels of Vitamin A, D, E, K, Beta-Carotene, Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Linoleic Acid.  It is a good source of Protein, Riboflavin, Zinc, Niacin, Vitamin B12, Iron, Phosphorus, Copper and Selenium.

We have seen fantastic results in dogs that have reacted to other raw diets containing beef and we believe it's not the beef they are reacting to but more the grains and chemicals cattle are eating.  Our Beef Patties are very popular amongst our canine friends.

Can be stored in the refrigerator thawed for up to 2 days.

The Complete Meal Beef is available in either:

20 x 100g conveniently sized patties per 2kg box, or
2kg Roll - best for people with large dogs or a few dogs to feed daily. Rolls can also be tempered down in the fridge over a 10 hour period, cut into portions and re-frozen.


Cert Organic Beef, Market Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, Chia Seeds, Honey, Organic Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil Omega 3,6 & 9 and added nutritional supplements.




** Frozen products are available for local pick up only. We are unable to ship frozen items interstate.