Henry Hottie Cotton Drill Bed (Mattress & Cover)

Size: Medium
Sale price$180


Provide your pet with Henry Hottie's patented therapeutic, non-toxic, thermostatic, dual-layer mattress that encourages rejuvenating and healing rest.  Filled with 100% Australian Made thermal fibres. Cool in summer, warm in winter, the Original Henry Hottie Bed is the perfect bed to provide balanced protection for your pet's health and wellbeing.  

Suited to young, active dogs to support their growth and skeletal development.

Completed with a GOTS Certified Cotton Drill Cover, Henry Hottie Beds are durable and easy maintenance. With zero allergenic properties, Henry Hottie Pet Beds are safe for animals with skin sensitivities

Endorsed and recommended by leading veterinary rehabilitation and physiotherapy specialists, Henry Hottie Therapeutic Pet Beds are highly recommended for post-operative, recovery, and joint condition support to ensure your pet recovers in a orthopedically supportive and non-toxic environment.


  • Outer covers are machine washable on cool delicate cycle
  • Covers should be line-dried
  • Do not remove the internal slip cover from mattress - in the event of soiling, simply remove the outer cover, hose the mattress, and elevate flat in sunshine. The mattress will dry within a few hours.


Small: 70cm x 50cm x 10cm 

Medium: 80cm x 60cm x 10cm

Large: 90cm x 80cm x 10cm (support for up to 30kg-35kg)

XL: 110cm x 90cm x 10cm (support for up to 30kg-35kg)

XL-HD: 120cm x 90cm x 15cm (support for up to 80kg+)



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