Henry Hottie Seniors Bed

Size: Medium
Sale price$220


Finally, a bed specifically designed to support the ageing bodies of our most loyal companions.

Made with our newest high density thermal base and 90mm thick comfort top layer, this bed offers the ultimate in support for canines experiencing degenerative diseases such as arthritis and spinal inflammatory arthritis or severe hip or elbow dysplasia. The bed height is designed to ease transition from lying to standing and the comfortably firm top layer offers a stable surface to support an aligned spine when sleeping.

Thermally-bonded mattress fibres will hold and reflect a species-appropriate warmth, surrounding joints pressing into the bed.The temperature achieved in the Golden Years Seniors Beds is slightly higher than our Original beds. Still species-appropriate the increased temperature generated is to provide for the loss of body condition (fat) with age and muscle wastage. This warmth prevents joints and muscles from going cold and stiff over night and encourages blood flow to assist in the repair of tendons. Your dog wakes with a body ready to move.

The thick comfort layer acts like memory foam but without the toxic chemicals. Your dog will feel safe and secure as it slips into a deep healing, soothing sleep, protected from toxic chemicals such as flame retardant, formaldehyde, chemical chlorides and many others commonly found in pet bedding.

Covers are made with an internal pocket, designed to fit incontinence absorption pads, if needed.

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