Henry Hottie Water-Repellent Sided Accessory

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Henry Hottie beds offer great support for pets up to 35kg. They are Australian made, non-toxic, durable, water- and soil-repellent, breathable, and inhospitable to fleas, dust mites, and pests.

Mix and match Henry Hottie mattress and sided accessory colours

Made with exclusive BIONIC-FINISH®ECO 100% non-toxic water-repellent application to protect against dirt, dust, and little accidents

Plant-derived thermostatic mattress  fibres offer greater support and durability

Inhospitable to fleas, dust mites, and pests

Naturally hydrophobic dual layer mattress protects against moisture and dampness

Offers support for breeds up to 35kg


Traditional water-repellent and waterproof fabrics are responsible for the toxic release of fluoro-organic compounds into the environment. The polymers used are impacting waterways, soil, humans, and animals.

To prevent that, Henry Hottie beds are made with the BIONIC-FINISH®ECO technology created by a famed German manufacturer.

It is devoid of polymers and toxic chemicals, such as paraffin and formaldehyde-containing melamine. Yet, it offers as strong a water repellency as any other.





Keeps fabric and colour looking new longer

Allows fabrics to dry rapidly


Resistant to wear from washing - tumble drying or ironing will reseal and reactivate the Bionic Finish Eco application



Small:             85cm x 65cm x 22cm

Medium: 95cm x 75cm x 22cm 

Large: 105cm x 95cm x 22cm

Extra Large: 125cm x 105cm x 22cm

Care instructions:

Machine washable on cool delicate cycle and can be line-dried or tumble-dried

The heat from tumble-drying and ironing will preserve the water-repellent application

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