Hibiscus H-Harness (Neoprene Padding)

$20.00 $30.00

The "Tropical Hibiscus" Neoprene H-Harness:

The Dizzy Dog pre-made H-Harnesses are complete with oh so squishy neoprene padding and are highly adjustable.

The lead clips to the back, to avoid unnecessary pressure on your pups neck; and if using a double ended lead, you can also clip onto the chest O-Ring for extra control. If you prefer a front leading harness you can clip onto the O-Ring at the front instead.

The neck, chest and front chest piece are all adjustable, because we know that one size does not fit all.

The harnesses are made from printed polyester webbing, soft neoprene padding along  with heavy duty accessory buckles and hardware.

The “neck” part for this harnesses is below where your pups collar currently sits, and just above their shoulders.



Neck: 33cm -59cm (13"-23")

Chest: 37cm-72.5cm (14.5"-28.5")


Neck: 43cm-79cm (16.5"-31")

Chest: 58cm-104cm (22.5"-41")


Neck: 53cm-98cm (20.5"-38.5")

Chest: 70cm-127cm (27.5"-50")