RAW Tripe Jerky


Why give just a dog treat when you can give a natural feat?

Crammed with natural vitamins and nutrition, our dog treats are air dried and unlike many commercial dog treats they are NOT made from derivatives, waste or "pet grade" by products.  If using inferior ingredients wasn't enough, add to the mix salt, sugars and preservatives and you've got what we feel is a very unhealthy cocktail.  Put simply there is way too much "junk food" being sold for pets which is packed with fats, sugars and preservatives. Such a diet may lead to greater health issues with your dog such as obesity, cancers, poor inner health and reduced lifespan.  Your dogs' behaviour is also related to diet and it's hard to believe how chemical preservatives and sugars can be a positive effect on your dog.

It's the reason we developed our own range of nutritional products, and it seems the dogs know it!  Our healthy dog treats have earned the name "canine crack" due to the way that most dogs simply crave them.  Our natural treats are extremely effective as a dog training aid because of the focus and attraction you get from your dog.
You need not used big chunks either. Our treats can be fed as shavings the size of large chilli flakes and the dogs still go crazy for them!




Raw Green Tripe

Green tripe is not to be confused with “white” tripe. White tripe has been stripped and bleached which strips almost all of the nutritional benefits.  Green Tripe is the nutrient rich lining of the stomach of a ruminant such as a goat, cow, deer, or lamb. Tripe IS NOT organ or intestine meat.Tripe is the wall/lining of the stomach of these animals, like a large sponge, soaking up digestive and gastric juices which are rich in essential fatty acids omega 3 & 6, and an excellent source of protein. 

Due to the fermentation process and the way that the ruminant digests, the abomasum provides a food that is incredibly rich.  Not only will it provide completely natural digestive enzymes to the dog but also vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids.  The enzymes not only help digestion in the canine but are also said to have a substantial effect on the cleaning of your pup’s teeth.  Tripe can be extremely helpful in maintaining a gorgeous set of white teeth in your dog. Fatty acids are another benefit.  All dogs need omega 3’s and omega 6’s in their diet – especially to maintain healthy skin and coat.  The vitamins and amino acids are in large part what gives your dog energy and spunk – green tripe has plenty of these.  Whilst many dog owners feed probiotics to help their dogs to help with runny stools, upset tummies, and recovery and regeneration of good bacteria from depletion via prescribed antibiotics.  Green tripe is an excellent source of probiotics due to the large numbers of helpful microorganisms contained within the digestive tract.  



Raw green tripe also has a perfect 1:1 ratio of calcium to phosphorus, which is vital for proper bone and joint development and sustainability. 
Raw green tripe provides cleaner teeth, digestive improvement, beautiful skin and coat condition, improved eating habits, rejuvenation of older dogs, and an amazing source of nutrition for all dogs.Dogs do require supplementation & nutrients for good health along with meaty bones, offal, meat, and a variety of vegetables, grains and eggs. Include a small amount of garlic and honey in the meals.Always seek professional or research based facts and advise and we also encourage regular vet health checks.
Why Rogue Royalty R.A.W Green Tripe Treats?
  • Naturally air dried so all the goodness is retained.
  • Convenient to store and feed.
  • Highly nutritional by nature.
  • No salt used to cure our treats.
  • 100% Australian produce.
  • Only marinated with herbs that fortify your dogs immune system.
  • No dead, diseased or dying animal remains used.

Our green tripe dog treats double as a nutritonal supplement for dogs.  Green tripe is bursting with essential vitamins, minerals and so many benefits for the teeth and coat of your dog. Whilst many commercial dog treats have been made "palatable" for dogs by additives and chemical enhancers our natural dog treats are completely natural and processed using only premium grade ingredients and products.