Real Cat Food

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This book has been written for the cat owners.

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means we need to go out hunting and gathering to a suburban shop to match the prey nature built them to eat.

This can be a challenge if your shop does not sell live rodents and small reptiles.

Then some cats get seriously addicted to the first food they were fed when weaned, and if this was processed dried food high in carbohydrate and chemicals, it may not be the best food for them.

This diet may have caused them health problems, but how do you convince your cat to change her views on what food is?

Some cats have a natural instinct to eat a different food at each meal, in order to end up with a varied diet. How do you write the menu to cater for everyone in your house, and stay sane?

Clare answers these questions and more in this book for all cats both healthy and unwell.



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