Scream Tip & Roll Treat Dispenser 13cm

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Scream Tip And Roll Treat Dispenser Toy For Dogs Is A Fun Interactive Toy That Releases Tasty Snacks

This treat dispenser is designed to provide your dog with an enriching, tasty activity to keep them mentally and physically entertained


·         The toy is challenging and engaging, and rewards your dog over time, by releasing portions of food or treats, every time they engage with the toy

·         The curved shape creates a wobbly, exciting movement when your dog nuzzles and paws at the toy to receive their morsels

·         There are various levels of difficulty depending on how the 2 inner platforms are positioned

·         You can move the platforms around or remove them completely, depending on your dog’s skill level

·         Each platform contains 3 holes of different sizes, allowing you to choose which hole you would like the treats to fall through

·         Use the smaller hole for smaller treats or to increase the difficulty when using larger treats and use the larger hole for larger treats or to make it easier for smaller treats to fall out

·         To change the hole selection, simply rotate the 2 discs of the platform in opposite directions to align the required holes

·         The toy is fantastic for slowing down mealtime and to stop your dog gulping down their food in seconds – making it ideal for dogs who are prone to vomiting, bloating, or gagging from eating too fast

·         Helps to prevent overfeeding and can assist with managing hunger - the slow dispensing action makes food last much longer, allowing you to provide smaller and more frequent feeds

·         Control of food portions and added energy expenditure required to access the food can assist with weight control

·         Dogs need mental and physical stimulation to keep them happy, healthy, and occupied

·         Dogs that are not stimulated, or rewarded for engaging in time-occupying behaviour, can begin to display mischievous and problem behaviours around the home

·         The toy can also provide a point of focus during fearful events to help ease their anxiety

·         Made of strong and durable plastic material - great for dogs that like to play rough

·         To open, simply twist the compartments anti-clockwise

·         It is easy to remove the inner platforms and change the difficulty level

·         After separating, the toy is very easy to clean in warm soapy water



·         12.5cm height x 9.5cm width (at widest point)

·         Top 2 holes: 2cm x 2cm

·         Bottom dispensing hole: approx. 1.5cm diameter

·         Platform 1: 7.5cm diameter with 3 holes: 1.3cm, 1.5cm & 1.7cm diameter

·         Platform 2: 8cm diameter with 3 holes: 1.1cm, 1.3cm, 1.7cm diameter


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