Stress in Dogs

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Summary: Learn how to identify and resolve more than 30 signs of stress in dogs and help your dog live a longer, happier life. Includes dozens of full color illustrations.


Nominated for Care and Health Award from the Dog Writer's Association of America

Stress the cause of problem behaviors in dogs?
If your dog destroys the house the minute you leave, he may be stressed-out. If he has an unpleasant body odor, excessive dandruff or heavy shedding, he may be stressed-out. If he is hyperactive, suddenly aggressive, hides under the bed or displays more than two dozen other symptoms, he may be stressed-out and need your help.
The study of stress in human medicine and psychology has taught us that stress can lead to the development of health problems, affect our relationships with others, and can make us unhappy, irritable, and even aggressive. Dogs are no different. The conditions under which dogs are kept today demand a lot of them. They live in a very unnatural world—traffic, noise, crowding, isolation from others of their species, and long separations from their human family.
Stress in Dogs is the first book to analyze, explain, and help you resolve stress in the lives of our canine companions. Written for both the canine professional as well as concerned dog owners, the information in Stress in Dogs can improve the lives of dogs as well as humans with a sound approach to resolving stress-related problems.

Learn how you can help your dog.
• There are more than 30 signs of stress in dogs—learn how to spot them.
• Male and female dogs have different stressors, learn what they are and how to avoid them.
• You may be over-doing it—too many outings, too many dog sports, too much stimulation.
• Develop your own “anti-stress” program is logical and simple to implement.
• Follow real-life cases where behavioral problems are solved by reducing stress levels.

Praise from the experts
Congratulations to my students Martina and Clarissa on Stress in Dogs, a clear and concise book about a very important topic. Well done!
Turid Rugaas, author of On Talking Terms with Dogs and My Dog Pulls, What Do I Do?

A great find for anyone interested in an in-depth survey of the physiology, effects, and remedies for stress in dogs.
Nicole Wilde, author of Help for Your Fearful Dog and So You Want to Be a Dog Trainer?

Stress in Dogs covers the subject in a thorough et engaging way, with many real-world examples…Even the experienced canine professional will fins this an eye-opening book, and will be motivated to reconsider how much stress their canine companions actually experience in their everyday lives.
Sarah Kalnajs, author of Language of Dogs and Am I Safe? DVD’s

Martina Scholz is a pharmacist who has trained dogs for many years. She lives in a small village north of Berlin where she runs her own dog training school and lives with five dogs, four horses and two cats. Clarissa von Reinhardt has operated her own dog training school, animal learn, for nearly fifteen years and lectures on training dogs with behavioral disorders. She lives in a small village in Bavaria with her husband, five dogs, four cats, and six horses.




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