The Itchy Dog Workshop - Sun 1st November 2020


Sunday 1st November 2020 11am-2pm @ Aussie Pooch, 4/8 Osgood Drive, Eaton

Understand your dog's skin from a natural medicine perspective with local Animal Naturopath - Roz from Natural Medicine for Pets.

This workshop will give you a holistic perspective on understanding what may be contributing to the root cause of your dog's skin condition. We will workshop together the tools you need to design your own plan to improve your dog's skin and life. 

We will cover:
- What the skins tells us – Natural Medicine Perspective
- Understanding your Dog
- Skin and Nutrition
- Skin and Hormones
- Skin and Environment
- Skin and Stress/Pain
- Skin and Chemical Load
- Skin and Natural Medicine

Places are limited.

We treat every dog and their owner as an individual. As such we are opting for a small workshop to ensure you receive a personalised experience and plan for your individual dog.

Refreshments provided.

Please just bring yourself and leave your dog at home

** Tickets are non-refundable