The Maise Dog Shampoo with Hemp for Sensitive Skin 250ml

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They're made from Cannabis. They’re certified vegan, raw, organic and 100% free of GMO, produced in Victoria and Tasmania. Made for both human and non-human animals. Cannabis is highly sustainable. It’s legal, it won’t get you high, and it’s one of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet. Not just for hippies.


The Maisie is the ideal blend for your sensitive and itchy dog. Hemp’s anti-inflammatory properties are the best solution nature has come up with for sensitive dogs, which is perfect for allergies and helps give relief to itchy, dry and irritated skin. That’s why this shampoo contains an extra dose of our 100% raw cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil – just a few washes and you’ll see a difference.


This special blend of hemp, cannabis terpenes, coconut oil elements and natural proteins was scientifically formulated by CannaCo Pet’s in-house veterinarians in order to bring about positive changes for skin and coat, reducing inflammation and oxidative damage.





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