Tire Biter Paw Track


This mighty fun toy combines two toys in one and is bound to provide endless entertainment for strong dogs

The toy contains a strong rubber tyre with a solid cotton knotted rope threaded through the middle

Perfect for interactive play with your canine friend and create greater bonds with one another

Great for outdoor games of tease, tug, toss and chase

Excellent reward toy for retrieval and obedience training

Provides both mental and physical stimulation for a happy and healthy pooch  

Great for dogs that enjoy using strong jaw strength when grabbing, catching, holding and tugging on toys

When your dog is supervised, food can be placed in the gutter for your dog to have some quiet and relaxed time nuzzling and licking treats out of the toy

The textured surface of the toy helps to clean teeth and gums as your dog chomps away

The toy is firm but flexible and feels solid, weighty and comfortable in your dog’s mouth

The tyre is made from specially formulated rubber and two-ply nylon

The tread marks on the tyre are in the design of cute paw-prints

The inner of the tirebiter is a hollow gutter

The rope is made of strong cotton material with frayed fluffy edges

Your dog will love the range of textures and materials

Bright fun colours make playtime even more appealing 

Easy to rinse off dirt, mud and grass under the tap after use

Nontoxic and safety tested


For dogs up to 50kg

Tyre: 21cm diameter x 5cm thick (10cm diameter middle hole)

Rope: 38cm length x 2.5 - 7cm width

Total length: 43cm


For dogs 45kg +

Tyre: 25cm diameter x 7.5cm thick (11cm diameter middle hole)

Rope: 40cm length x 3 - 8.5cm width

Total length: 52cm