Torus Filter Bowl 1L

Sale price$42.95


As responsible pet owners, we need to ensure our pets always have fresh, clean water at all times - even when we're not home. The Torus bowl is an auto-refilling, portable bowl that provides your dog or cat with pristine, carbon-filtered water throughout the day. The bowl features large walls that store up to 2 Litres of water. These walls ensure that your pet's water remains clean and free from dirt, hair and nasty insects. It's wide, sturdy design keeps the bowl firmly on the ground at home or in your vehicle during travel. The small carbon filter remove nitrates from their water ensuring they're drinking nothing but the cleanest, freshest water (you'll also notice that you won't see as many burn patches on your lawn!) The bowl features anti-slip feet to prevent your pet from pushing the bowl from one end of the house/veranda to the other!

No batteries or external power required. Durable and robust. One carbon filter included with purchase.

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