Torus Bowl Filter Replacement

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For use with the Torus Filtered Water Dispenser Bowl


  • The filter uses activated carbon to remove water impurities
  • Ensures your pet has access to clean, fresh water
  • The filter comprises a plastic moulded cone with perforated walls which allow the water to “flow through”
  • Each filter lasts for approximately a month, so each replacement pack of five filters gives your pet approximately five months of fresh, clean water


Replacing the Filter

  • Align the bowl cap arrow with the tap symbol on the lip of the bowl, and then lift to remove the cap
  • Remove and discard the used filter
  • Hold the new replacement filter under running water for 10 seconds to remove any possible carbon dust.
  • Install the replacement filter
  • Refill the TORUS bowl
  • Align the cap arrow with the tap symbol
  • Insert cap back into place.
  • Rotate the cap arrow to the flow symbol to release fresh water into the drinking well



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