Zee Pad Grey 30pk

Sale price$36.95


The best pee pad, that doesn’t look like a pee pad. Built with a top layer of Japanese Bamboo to eliminate odours and camouflage yellow stains, its 6 layers guarantee absorption like no other pad in the market. Its white bottom allows (when lifted up) to detect any possible red/blood stains in the urine.


  • Made of Japanese bamboo charcoal that helps neutralize odours
  • 6-layer protection
  • Ultra absorption
  • With natural canine attractant
  • 4 adhesive corners - just the right amount of grip
  • Yellow pee stains are not visible on absorbent side but colour of urine can be seen underneath, when lifted off floor. If any urine colour variation occurs, talk to a vet
  • 30 pads per pack


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