About us

about us

Who we are

A small territory business built from scratch with passion and love by Hannah.
Now with a team of passionate and dedicated people to provide the community with a unique holistic shopping experience for their beloved dogs and cats.
With a deep love and compassion for animals (especially dogs) since she was old enough to remember, Hannah has volunteered since 2009 with local rescue groups and fostered many dogs & cats.
Nowadays, she along with husband Ross adopt dogs abandoned at the end of their life and currently live with 5 senior dogs plus 4 former feral cats.

Why we the sell the items we sell

Our aim is simple, to extend and improve quality of life of dogs & cats. We aim to do this by sourcing natural healthy alternatives to many of the toxic and chemically laden products on the market for our beloved pets and by sharing our knowledge and experience of nutrition, natural remedies and cleansing your pet of toxins. We are passionate about natural nutrition and see it as the fundamental essential for good health. A varied fresh whole food diet with minimal processed foods and minimising chemical and toxin exposure is essential to your pets health and wellbeing.

We are also passionate about reducing stress, physical & psychological pain in our dogs lives through equipment, training and activity choices.

Where we are located

Our store is conveniently located at 38 Bishop St, Woolner
(5-10 mins from Darwin City or Northern suburbs, 20 mins from Palmerston and 30 mins from Darwin's Rural area.