Harness Rental for Growing Puppies

What we put on their bodies is just as important as what we put in their bodies.

Dogs can’t choose what they wear, so let’s make kind and humane choices for them.

Walking equipment should not cause physical or phycological pain and should not restrict the limbs from free movement.

We are harness connoisseurs having sourced the best, most comfortable and humane walking equipment we can find from across the world. We stock anny.x and Naked harnesses.


We offer a puppy harness rental scheme for growing puppies.

$10 per month and a $40 refundable bond entitles you to as many upsizes as your puppy requires (includes fittings and adjustments).

Why our harnesses?

  • Do not sit in armpit (potential for pinching & chaffing)
  • Do not sit high in the neck (choking & strangling like a collar)
  • Do not have straps across front shoulders (impeding full range of movement)
  • Do not have strap across shoulder blades at withers (potential for pain)


Bring your puppy in for a fitting in our private fitting-room.

If your puppy hasn’t had all of its puppy vaccinations, please carry your puppy in store or inside a pet carrier.