I just wanted to say a massive thank you!

After years of bad skin and weight multiple vet visits Bugs condition was as simple to fix from removing grains, wheat & corn from his diet. His skin has improved so much and has lost over 1kg already. The advice you gave is appreciated so much and has made my baby’s life much happier and healthier!

Thank you

Becc Rutherford


I had the pleasure of doing a dog teeth cleaning clinic at Aussie Pooch Nutrition & Wellbeing on February 19th through the 22nd 2015. Hannah has put together one of the most unique pet supply stores that I've ever seen. Hannah goes to great lengths to ensure that every product that she carries in her store passes her high standards of quality. Hannah has most of her clients dogs on a Natural diet and to my amazement I am happy to report that her clients dog's teeth were in above average condition for middle aged dogs.

Hannah's customized diets that she puts together for her clients dogs alongside raw bones have left these dogs with teeth in extremely healthy condition.
I've been working as a horse dentist and dog and cat dental hygienist for over 16 years and this is the first time that I've consistently seen dogs with teeth in such good condition for not having ever been professionally cleaned. I did subsequently do a full dentistry cleaning on these dogs but they had 80% less plaque than dogs on kibble

Brian D Borg

Fresh Breath Doggie Dental (Melbourne, VIC)



I am currently fostering a Bull Arab x puppy through Top End Rehoming Group and after only having her for 12 hours she had to be rushed to the emergency vets and was diagnosed with an intestinal worm with the likelihood of it being hookworm or Coccidia. The prognosis from the vet was the possibility of not making it through the next few days as she was already in ill health when she came to me. For the next 3 days I had to syringe feed her food, water and her medication. She became very frail in this time and her health was of a great concern to the vets and myself. As she was rejecting all foods and hadn’t toileted for days, Hannah from Aussie Pooch made a batch of medicinal bone broth with lots of herbs and shitake mushrooms and this became her lifesaver. Leila loved it and I had to ration her portions as she was clearly so hungry but this amazing broth was the only thing she wanted to eat/drink! I cannot thank Hannah from Aussie Pooch enough for what she has done for little Leila. She is now up and running around the house and eating raw mince and some supplements/cleansers that Aussie Pooch has also supplied. Without this bone broth I would hate to think of what condition my little Leila would be in. I am so grateful to Aussie Pooch for everything they have done to help Leila and their ongoing support for Top End Rehoming.

Anika Light

Rosebery, NT

I had so many questions and Hannah was able to answer them all, as well as offer a personalised diet specific to my needs. Her service has been fantastic, consistent and knowledgeable. I feel great knowing I can support a local business, with an awesome product, that let me visit once a fortnight for a box of healthy goodies perfect for my fur kids. AND the price is comparable to other "big name" brands that can't offer the personal service and health benefits that Hannah can. I think Darwin is incredibly lucky to have Aussie Pooch and Hannah!

Samantha Doherty

Driver, NT

Hair growth where she had no fur, less heat, less smell, less itching, less swelling (elephant skin), less redness, attitude change



3 months in of Faith, Augustine's SuperBoost, a change of diet (removing dry food), Coconut Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar.

We first met Angel in October. She still has a way to go but the improvements have been amazing thus far and she's a lot happier!

Hi Hannah

I wanted to take the time to write to you and thank you for all the help you've given me with transforming Daisy and Bernie's diet.

Like many people these days, I have been trying to take a more nutrition based approach to my own diet, and considering I love my pets as much as I love most humans, I wanted to bring them along for the health and nutrition ride.

Although neither of them had any major health issues, it just feels good to know that I am feeding them really good food day in and day out. One of the things that had stopped me in the past, was the time consuming nature of preparing meals for my dogs, but you have made it so easy with your pre-prepared veggie mix and frozen organic meats. They love their beef pizzle sticks and enjoy a bone or two on the weekend.

They say that people should follow their passion in life wherever it takes them. Hannah it's obvious you are passionate about the pets of Darwin and Palmerston so I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help on behalf of myself, Daisy and Bernie.

(I will be in later to pick up some supplies)


Helen Wilson

Palmerston, NT

This is Zelda. She is 4 and had stiff joints and was also a bit chunky - thanks to the help and advice of Aussie Pooch within the space of 4 months she no longer has stiff joints and is SOOO much happier in herself she has grown a completely new shiny glossy coat and is loving life to the Max!

Thanks guys

Chloe Phillips

Bellamack, NT

Our NAS EAR CLEAR outperforms its chemical pharmaceutical counterparts yet again.

"the stuff I was using from the vets wasn't clearing it up. But after five days of using your ear cleaner it has finally cleared up!"

"Hiya I was in on Saturday and bought some ear cleaner for my boys along with a heap of other stuff. One of my boys had a fungal ear infection and the stuff I was using from the vets wasn't clearing it up. But after five days of using your ear cleaner it has finally cleared up! We will be using this once a week to keep their ears in good health. And the coconut oil has sorted out their heat skin rash. Thank you so much for the products you provide!!"

Michelle Walker


“The best thing I have ever used to help my dogs’ skin problems!”

“I would like to send a thank you to Hannah from AussiePooch Nutrition & Wellbeing in Darwin for introducing me to Augustine’s SuperBoost – it’s the best thing I have ever used to help my dogs’ skin problems!

I have English Staffies and living in the tropics the skin issues are extreme. My fur babies are already on a raw diet but I was still struggling to find something that worked on their skin issues and not using the medications the vets were trying to keep both my dogs on.

I have been adding Augustine’s SuperBoost to their food for six weeks and the transformation has been exciting. My girl suffers from allergies, but her skin is the best it has been for at least three years and her coat is thick and glossy. My boy has fur growing on his back finally after two years.

Thank you for your product it has made a huge change and my fur babies are sooo much happier and healthier.

Thank you Hannah for being such a great advocate for raw food diets and natural care products for animals.”

Tabatha Christie

Darwin, NT

To Aussie Pooch & The Team

Thank you so much for improving my dogs’ health and wellbeing with information, samples and competitive products. I heard about you at a very large national pet store chain and my dog Jessie and I have never looked back. Jessie is a very different member of my family now. She is attentive, a great guard dog, healthy stools and her coat is soft and shiny. But most of all she loves me more than before, and you can’t put a price on that.

Thanks again

Tony Champion

Palmerston, NT

Hannah is great to deal with and a book of knowledge. She had a look at our girl Bella that we have had on going skin problems with and was able to tell us the problem in full detail and gave all recommendations on how we could go about managing and solving her skin problems. With great support.
Highly recommend Aussie Pooch, 10/10 all round. 

Nick Peebles

Darwin, NT

Thanks to the fantastic advice from Hannah at AussiePooch and your fantastic product Augustine Approved SuperBoost, my little pooch Seven is finally on the mend. When we moved to our new place Sevens skin went crazy and nothing seemed to work. We tried steroid cream, antibiotics and a few other things advised by the vet but no results. 6 weeks ago I started Seven on SuperBoost and she’s finally getting her hair back and is much more comfortable, not constantly itching!

Thanks to Augustine Approved and AussiePooch from myself and little Seven.

Jade Donovan

Howard Springs, NT

Thanks so much Hannah and all the crew at Aussie Pooch for your time & very good advice for my Stella. Nothing is too much trouble when it comes to animals for Aussie Pooch, they've opened my mind to naturally trusted & tested alternatives to steroids and antibiotics and being the all-round great people they are Aussie Pooch also strongly and quietly support RSPCA Darwin.

Kerri-Anne Laurence - RSPCA Board Member

Darwin, NT

“Bye bye demodectic mange"
Augustine's SuperBoost does it again, this time with mange!

We initially thought that Stella had reacted to something in our garden as we had been mulching a lot and she happily dug her way around the garden and brushed up against many plants known to trigger allergies.

We took her to the vet who confirmed that she had demodectic mange and he immediately put her on a daily dose of Ivermectin. I didn't know much about it and didn't really know to question what reactions or side effects Stella may suffer from as a result.

She was supposed to be on it for about 3 months or until such time that a skin scrape came back all clear (typically 12 weeks). This was in May and after a few days on the medicine it was clear that Stella was not herself.

She was off her food and had basically lost her bounce and her spark. I did some research and found out that demodectic mange can go away by itself when the dog's immune system is in good shape. So we decided to stop the Ivermectin treatment and concentrate on making her diet the best it could be.

That’s when I found out about Augustine’s SuperBoost from Hannah at Aussie Pooch Nutrition and Wellbeing here in Darwin. We started Stella on ASB early-mid June and I firmly believe that it was responsible for her recovery, along with her general raw food diet.

I mixed Augustine’s SuperBoost with virgin cold-pressed coconut oil and also gave her a daily probiotic and treated her spots topically with apple cider vinegar. Her dry, bald spots have recovered and the hair has grown back and her coat is glossy and healthy again. She is as happy, bouncy and sparky as she should be – given that she is a Vizsla!

I'm not saying that nobody should be treating mange with Ivermectin, only that for me it wasn't suiting my dog and I wasn't prepared to see her go further downhill. She is in the peak of health now and a recent check up with a different vet confirms this. I thought I might have been told off by the vet for taking her off the medication but he was pleased that I researched her condition and found a natural, better way to treat it.

Stella eats Augustine’s SuperBoost off the spoon but also licks clean her morning bowl. I can’t recommend highly enough the great results we have seen from this product and Stella gets lots of compliments on her coat! Of course she takes them all in her stride…

Thank you!

Dianne Bensley


“Our girl was always prone to ear infections and at one stage was getting them monthly! We never felt comfortable with giving her medication so often but didn't know what else to do at the time. She went on 3 rounds of antibiotics and ear drops on 3 separate occasions but it kept returning. I purchased NAS Ear Clear and not only did it cure the infection she has never had one since!”

“Frankie had a great experience with NAS ear clear! We recommend it to everyone!!”

Whitney Kendall


Hay guys, I started feeding my two cats your Beef & Roo mince a couple of months ago! They seemed happy and I was pleased! I had to go a couple of weeks without it as I could only make it to Coles with the hours I was working, so I just grabbed some whiskas and headed home. During that time I was coming home to a TRASHED Apartment every day! I was exhausted with them using my house as a race track, I couldn't understand why they were "misbehaving" so I eventually made it down to you last week and got some mince. As soon as I walked through the door with it, they knew! I fed them and they were relaxed and calm. Since, I have been coming home to find my apartment how I left it 12hrs before!! No mess and certainly not as much hair on the floor! They're behaviour has changed so dramatically you have no Idea! It's only now I'm realising the benefits of feeding them 100% natural ingredients!! Obviously it was all the preservatives in the pouches that was turning them into mini tornadoes!! I would strongly recommend these foods to everyone, dog and cat owners alike.

They genuinely seem so much happier!

So glad I’ve cleaned out my freezer and bought a 10kg bag, now I’ll not run out for ages and save money too!!

Thank You Aussie Pooch

From Cody and Tiny

Rosalie Manning

Darwin NT

I have 4 dogs... 3 Australian Cattle Dog bitches & a Clumber Spaniel boy. They are my everything.

Captain Jack Spaniel is a sensitive young chap, & a show dog. However when I was feeding him low grade food he was suffering from loose runny poops. Now you might not think this would be a problem, except that he has long white feathers on his hind legs (he is a white long haired dog!), & when he drops to poop these feathers lay out & he poops on them...aaarrgghhh...but since putting all the dogs on the high quality food from Aussie Pooch, Captain Jack's poopy pants days are over & the girls are in superb condition too!!

It is extremely important for me to provide the highest care, including nutrition, for my dogs, and now I can!

I am a professional photographer (including pet photography) & I carry Aussie Pooch pamphlets with me to my pet shoots. I hand these to pet owners at every opportunity, highly recommending Aussie Pooch, from personal experience!!

Every time I am in the shop, I am amazed at the constant stream of customers more often accompanied by their dog/dogs!! Hannah gives everyone so much care and sound advice. And you know they have had the same awesome results because they just keep coming back.

In addition to high quality food, Aussie Pooch also has great pet products... we have already added a Cool Mat and 2 Soggy Doggy Door Mats to our home!

Aussie Pooch has organised & held extremely successful fund raising events, including a Dog Wash for Guide Dogs NT, facilitated a MasterChops workshop, attended a Pet First Aid course and canine myofunctional therapy course. They supported one of the pure bred dog show clubs by setting up a stall with a huge range of products, & Hannah's partner Ross participated in the Junior Handler class & presented the kids with prizes that included all natural dog treat bags.

Aussie Pooch have become the go to place in Darwin for anyone who truly cares about the wellbeing of their pets. This award nomination is no surprise to those of us who have had the privilege of the Aussie Pooch experience!! It is well deserved & Captain Jack, Floss, Dottie & JessicaBlue know what's best for them, & that's Aussie Pooch!

Warm Regards

Caroline Camilleri
Secretary DogsNT

Manager Darwin Photography Professionals/Puppy Love Photography

Since changing my dogs and cat to a more natural diet they are healthier and happier. They all had weight problems. The dogs overweight, cat underweight. Meals for Meows has helped the cat tremendously. She has put on weight. The dogs have trimmed down and now have waistlines.

Abby also had a terrible skin problem which has now cleared up.

Hannah has been a great help in guiding me through this process. I am very proud to call her a friend to me and my pets.

Thank you so much

ps: the natural diet works out cheaper

Sandra Wray

Palmerston, NT

Hannah has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dogs and cats. She has helped me get my dog onto the right diet to help his itchy skin and it has been amazing. Thank goodness for people like her who care so much about our animal’s health.

Tama Saward

Darwin, NT

Hannah has been an absolute treasure to us and I honestly believe that we would not have had our Spud with us this Christmas without her efforts, patience and kindness. Spud has been an extremely difficult case with a long history of severe sensitivity to almost everything. He became very unwell about 5 months ago and it is at that time we heard about Hannah. It is due to Hannah’s passion and ‘can do’ attitude our little man is still with us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Caroline Rushton

Darwin, NT

Thank you, Hannah, for all your help with Cookie. Without your store and your knowledge, Cookie would be one very unhealthy dog. I have learnt so much about dog health, nutrition and training so thank you as Cookie will now live a healthy, long happy life. 

Justine Young

Darwin, NT

Like a lot of Staffy’s, our Digger had dreadful skin irritations, scaly, red and itchy skin - he must have been so miserable. Since going on to the Aussie Pooch diet of organic fresh food, Augustine's SuperBoost and Faith, his skin has improved so much. Sometimes grass makes his skin go red again but a spray of “Essential Dog” and he is good again. We have also topped off the car with a Henry Hottie bed. Happy dog, happy life!!!

Terri Hart

Darwin, NT

So friendly and educated! Love shopping here to keep my fur babies happy and healthy.

Jana Lumsdon

Darwin, NT

Love, love, love!! Great, healthy food for pets with the friendliest staff, always willing to help and advise.

Michelle McMeeken

Darwin, NT

Great place to shop, good range of quality gear for your best friend.

Andrew McBride

Darwin, NT

We love this place, fantastic service from the friendly staff every time.

David Schafer

Darwin, NT

100% Recommend. My Dogs and Chickens are grateful too!

Terri Walters

Palmerston, NT