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Chicken Necks (Frozen Product)
Chicken Necks (Frozen Product)
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Free-Range & Grass Pastured Wings 1kg (Frozen Product)
Free-Range Chicken Drumsticks 1kg (Frozen Product)
Certified Organic Chicken Rumps 900g (Frozen Product)
Roo Tail Pieces 1kg (Frozen Product)
Roo Shanks 1kg (Frozen Product)
Large Roo Back Bone Sleeved (Frozen Product)
Roo Shoulder Bones 6pk (Frozen Product)
Roo Ribs 500g (Frozen Product)Roo Ribs 500g (Frozen Product)
Paddock to Plate Beef Brisket Bones 1kg
Beef Rib Bones for Small Dogs 1kg (Frozen Product)
CPC Mixed Beef Bones 1kg (Frozen Product)CPC Mixed Beef Bones 1kg (Frozen Product)
OP Lamb Bones 1kg ( Frozen Product)
Croc Legs 1kg (Frozen Product)Croc Legs 1kg (Frozen Product)
Eva Valley Beef Trachea (Frozen Product)
Lamb Necks 1kg
Sale price$12.50

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