Colloidal Silver Belly Cream


Colloidal Silver Belly Cream is a skin repair cream for the stomach & paw areas. This is where those nasty rashes & hot spots thrive on our furry family members. This cream will both sooth & heal the effected areas.

 Powerful natural antibacterial – The silver in this technically advanced belly cream is the same silver as used in water purification ie. a wide spectrum naturally occuring: anti-viral anti-fungal anti-bacterial This will work for you just as it does with water purification and in that process it is effective against 650 known bacteria.

 Over the years silver has been used extensively for conditions such as; acne, itchy skin, psoriasis, eczema, helps to reduce unsightly belmishes.


Cooildal silver concentration: 10-15ppm

50% of the cream is colloidal silver