Deer Antler Small Split

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Split Small Antler are a part of the deer antler that is grown on the head of the male deer. It is naturally shed each year, collected and cut - that's it. It unprocessed and clean, organic and a healthy dog treat. If you are looking for long lasting dog treats, antler is the perfect choice. Antler dog treats are also full of vitamins and mineral, high in protein and low in fat.


  • Split Small Antler are an ideally suited dog chew for puppies and seniors as it is a softer chew
  • Split Small Antler are also ideal for fussy dogs or dogs who haven't tried antler before
  • Split Small Antler are longer lasting than most other types of chews
  • Split Small Antler promote dental and oral health – strengthen and clean teeth, remove plaque from gums and freshen breath
  • Split Small Antler are safe and do not splinter, because dogs grind them down slowly over time
  • Split Small Antler contain many beneficial minerals and nutrients (nothing artificial)
  • Split Small Antler have virtually no odour or residue to get on your carpet or furniture
  • Split Small Antler are a single-ingredient, ethical natural chew from a renewable resource
  • Split Small Antler contain no added ingredients in the processing of the chews
  • Split Small Antler are what you are looking for if you want holistic dog treats, natural dog treats or healthy dog treats


 Ingredients: 100% Deer Antler (single-ingredient)



  • Product Weight: 50-90g (size varies)
  • Product Size: 12-20cm 
  • Suitable For: Small-Medium breed, seniors and puppies ( > 3 months)



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