Naked Harness

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It’s the harness they need to wear, but feel like they’re not wearing one at all!

Australian made and owned by a company passionate about the welfare of dogs and their health and wellbeing.

– Designed to fit your dog comfortably, allowing correct movement of all muscles and joints and there is no pain or sense of restriction for your dog.

– Purposefully positioned so as to protect the vital organs and areas of the body, such as the thyroid gland, oesophagus, trachea, lymph nodes, spinal cord, nerves, arteries and veins – which if injured or damaged can lead to long term health or behavioural issues or pain for your dog.

– The strap around the girth is positioned away from the front legs – so no chafing, friction or rubbing on the skin.

– The thin padding of recycled Australian wool purposefully placed under the back strap – a small feature that makes a big difference to the comfort of your dog.

– The D-ring where the lead attaches sits on the webbing rather than directly on the dog’s back – another small feature that makes a big difference to the comfort of your dog.

– Purposefully designed to allow your dog to use and display their natural abilities and behaviours, allowing them to explore their environment with curiosity and confidence.

– Durability – tried and tested in all sorts of conditions – from beach to bush, city to country – they wash and wear beautifully.

– Well made with high quality materials to ensure your dog’s safety and comfort.

– Available in a fabulous range of colours – from bold and bright to your more neutral tones.

The below measurements can be used as a general guide when selecting a harness for your dog. (Measurements are taken around your dog’s girth at the widest part allowing at least 5cms from the back of the front legs):
L – Girth 70-100cms
M – Girth 60-80cms
S – Girth 50-70cms
XS – Girth 40-55cms


Width of material:

L- 2.5cm

M- 2.5cm

S- 1.9cm

XS- 1.8cm

If you have one of those “hard to fit” dogs we are able to have a custom made harness made – please give us a call to discuss your options.

NAKED Harnesses for Dogs ~ Comfort ~ Support ~ Safety ~ Australian Made and Owned 




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