Are Dried Bones Safe?


If you give dried bone treats to your dog, you may want to reconsider.

Dogs can chew and consume raw meaty bones of a non weight-bearing nature. The natural pH level of 2 in the dogs gut creates high gastric acidity. This highly acidic environment draws out the minerals and calcium from raw bone. The calcium and minerals are what makes bones hard. When these elements are extracted the bone becomes soft and malleable and thus easily digested by a healthy fresh-fed dog or cat.

When bone is cooked or dried, the composition changes and it becomes brittle and the carnivore stomach acid is unable to break down the bone. Here is where things get risky. The bone becomes brittle instead of soft and sharp pieces can perforate the intestines or cause a blockage. If you make it to the vet in time, surgery can be costly and invasive. At worse cooked/dried bones can be fatal.

Commercially prepared pet treats are dried in huge industrial driers and although not technically cooked, the drying process somewhat creates the same effect as baking.

Many people will say they’ve fed cooked/dried bones forever to their dog. They have been very lucky.

We care about your animals and you’ll never find any dried bones in our natural treat range. Only raw meaty bones from grass-pastured animals.