10m Biothane Lead

Size: Large Clip
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Dogs love to walk, so let's make it even more fun and enriching for them - let them sniff!


The 10m Biothane lead comes in 2 sizes designed to suit the size and weight of your dog

Small: up to 12kg - 1.6cm wide

Large: 12kg and above – 2.5cm wide


Biothane is a synthetic, hard-wearing leather substitute (vegan) that is widely used in equestrian sports. Biothane has several advantages over other leash materials;

  • Always supple and soft on the hands, regardless of the temperature or humidity
  • Does not absorb moisture or dirt, so does not become heavier as a result of water or mud
  • Easy to clean - simply rinse under the tap or wipe with some soapy water
  • Very strong
  • A longer lead allows your dog to: Explore the environment Sniff and benefit from the calming effects of using their nose Move at their own comfortable speed (walk, trot etc.), especially small dogs often struggle to keep up
  • Experience a greater sense of freedom (whilst still under lead control)
  • Build trust with their owner & practice recall skills
  • Use their body to communicate with other dogs which lead to calmer encounters

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