Bob-A-Lot Food Puzzle Treat Dispenser

Size: Small
Sale price$19.95


The Bob A Lot toy is a self motivating, treat dispensing toy that will keep your dog occupied for hours on end. Great for young puppies to learn co-ordination. Keep your dog busy and brain engaged.

These are one of the best treat dispensing toys on the market, they can delivery anywhere from a huge amount of treats to a small amout, so you can get your dog interested to begin with, then make it work to get the food out through an adjustable release door!


There are 2 controllable dispensing points, to make it easier and or more difficult for your dog, depending on what you choose. Your dog needs to manipulate the toy with his nose or paws to release the treats inside. The base of the toy is weighted so the toy will wobble and tumble all around as your dog tried release the treats inside.

The Bob A Lot is made from non toxic materials and is dishwasher safe for safe and easy cleaning.

We find the Ziwipeak treats work a treat in the Bob-A-Lot. Much healthier than highly processed kibble or other processed treats.



* No returns, refunds or exchanges will be accepted for chewed toys.

None of our toys, even the ‘tougher’ ones are sold as indestructible*


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