Bonito Flakes "Crack for Cats"

Size: 280ml
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100% Healthy, Natural. The healthy treat / food supplement that's been described as "Crack for Cats".

Bonito is a bony fish from the Tuna family. It is fished wild approximately 300 miles off the East coast of Japan where the seawater carries high levels of dissolved oxygen that boosts biological productivity. Bonito is used in Japanese cooking, but cats (and dogs) love the flakes just the way they are.

Once caught, the fish is processed, dried and cut into very thin slices. The drying process alone takes 20 to 30 days. No additives or preservatives are added at any stage. Nothing is introduced to compromise its purity - something we consider vital for a healthy treat or dietary supplement for your pet. 

Apart from being a treat for your cat, bonito is a good food supplement which you can add to your pet’s daily food in order to make it more healthy and appetising.

Being derived from a single protein source makes them a healthy choice for your pet, high in protein and low in calories with a minimal fat content.  It also contains Taurine which is an essential dietary requirement for cats, providing protection from various eye complaints. And its natural fish oils contribute towards urinary tract health, reduced hair balls and a silky shiny coat.

Store bonito in a cool, dry place.
There is no need to refrigerate but direct sunlight will shorten its shelf life.



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