Freeze Dry Australia Diced Lamb Hearts 100g

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Great Treat for both Cat and Dogs!!


Treat your pet to all-natural delights with the Freeze-Dried Australia Lamb Hearts!


Made with a single ingredient, these highly nutritious freeze-dried lamb hearts are the perfect alternative to traditional pet treats and provide a healthy snack that your pet will love.


Offal and organs are incredibly rich in nutrients and essential to the raw food pet diet. Freeze-dried to retain maximum nutritional benefit and natural taste, these lamb pet treats are guilt-free raw pet treats that you’ll feel great feeding to your furry friend without the hassle of handling raw meat or organs.


Rich in essential vitamins and minerals such as iron and taurine, these ultra-healthy raw food lamb hearts for pets give your cat or dog a nutritional boost during the day. These freeze-dried diced lamb organs are easy to feed and eat and can be used as an occasional treat for cats or dogs.




100% all-natural raw and freeze-dried diced lamb hearts for pets

Raw offals – highly nutritious organs that you can feed your pet for maximum nutritional benefit

Eliminates the “ick” factor of handling raw offals/meat for raw food treats and meals

Packed full of essential vitamins and minerals like iron, taurine, and B vitamins

Freeze-dried to retain nutrients at highest levels and natural taste that pets love

For cats and dogs to enjoy as an occasional treat or meal supplement

Made in Australia with the finest ingredients

Package Size: 100g

Ingredients: 100% Raw Freeze-Dried Australian Diced Lamb Hearts

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein: 39.2%

Crude Fat: 35%

Energy M/E: 1960kJ



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