Oh Crap Dog Poop Bags

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Finally a pet waste pick up bag that is completely plastic free!

Whether you’re picking up waste in the garden, park, on a walk, or even your kitty litter tray, now there is a guilt-free alternative to the plastic you’re used to using.

Strong and thick, Oh Crap bags are designed to manage big or little loads, and will completely disintegrate in landfill within three months, not decades. Oh Crap bags are made of cornstarch, not plastic, and are fully compostable.

Won't leak – worried about leakage because the bags are made from cornstarch? Don’t worry. Oh Crap bags have been specially formulated to resist water without dissolving, disintegrating or breaking. However, they will disintegrate rapidly in landfill and compost. The bags will not break down to small pieces like other biodegradable bags (that can create a hazard for small animals and birds), they will completely dissolve.


  • A safe alternative to plastic

  • 100% biodegradable and compostable

  • Will completely dissolve in landfill or compost in 3 months

  • Safe and responsible

  • Made of cornstarch, NOT plastic

  • Non-hazardous to birds and small animals - Won't fragment into small pieces

  • Standard size rolls - will fit most roll dispensers

Total of 60 bags (3 rolls of 20)

Dog bags measure 23cm wide x 36cm tall
Available in one colour only - green

1.3 BILLION Plastic Dog Waste Bags Go Into Landfill EVERY Year! Make the change to Oh Crap cornstarch bags Today!



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