Organic Paws Raw Food For Dogs & Cats 2.2kg

Organic Paws Raw Food For Dogs & Cats 2.2kg
Organic Paws Raw Food For Dogs & Cats 2.2kg
Organic Paws Raw Food For Dogs & Cats 2.2kg
Organic Paws Raw Food For Dogs & Cats 2.2kg
Organic Paws Raw Food For Dogs & Cats 2.2kg

Organic Paws Raw Food For Dogs & Cats 2.2kg

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Organic Raw Meat Dog & Cat Food 

2.2kg box containing 8 x 275gm vacuum sealed portions

Simulating a carnivore’s natural raw meat diet, Organic Paws Recipes are complete and balanced meals suitable for cats and dogs of all ages.

Made with Certified Organic meats, ground bone and organs including green tripe, each Organic Paws recipe is complete to simulate a carnivore’s natural diet.  Using “whole” carcasses including all prime cuts i.e porterhouse, sirloin, topside steak and rumps etc. ensures only nutritious quality muscle meat is used with no fatty trim or offcuts. Cod Liver Oil and Kelp are also added to each recipe in balanced quantities, both well known and documented for their overall and powerful health benefits.

Organic Paws recipes are biologically appropriate, toxin free, complete and balanced meals for your pet, giving them the daily nutrition they need to thrive with good health.


Many recent studies show that organic food contains higher levels of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals and less toxins than non organic food.

Organic Paws raw meat recipes are naturally nutritionally balanced and biologically appropriate for cats and dogs. They contain no artificial pesticides, chemical fertilisers, antibiotics, growth hormones, bioengineering (GMO’s), chemicals, preservatives or synthetic contaminants of any kind. Many non organic meat and meat products available today contain trace residues of many or all of these toxins, and when consumed on a regular basis can build up in the body weakening the immune system and eventually develop into degenerative diseases like kidney, liver and heart failure, cancer, allergies and chronic skin conditions.

Nutrient rich organic food like Organic Paws can only be guaranteed of its purity through “Organic Certification”, giving the consumer verification that the food is safe, naturally nutritionally dense and completely free from toxic pollutants.


Why Organic?

The benefits of feeding your pet a Certified Organic Raw Meat diet are noticeable almost immediately. More energy, leaner body mass, healthier skin, nails and ears, cleaner teeth, healthier gums, fresher breathe and reduced stool volume are all changes you will notice as your pet thrives from eating organic food rich in essential nutrients. The rich vitamin and mineral content of organic food will also improve the softness and luster of your pets coat and dogs will loose that “doggy smell”. Your pet will develop a stronger and healthier immune system which provides a greater resistance to infections, allergies and diseases. The benefits eating certified organic food are endless but to your pet it will taste instinctively better and more satisfying.

Feeding your pet certified organic food will not only improve your pet’s quality of life but will also maximize your pet’s life expectancy.

Organic is the way food is meant to be.


Only ingredients that have gone through the vigorous certifying process can give you peace of mind that what you are feeding your pet is completely safe.

Our ingredients have been certified through the Australian Certified Organic (ACO). This means that at every stage our ingredients were raised, grown, slaughtered, harvested, packaged and transported, they were thoroughly monitored and assessed by the ACO to ensure they were done so without the use of chemicals, synthetic hormones, antibiotics, toxic fertilizers, pesticides, bioengineering (GMO’s) or irradiated. Only approval from a certifying body like the ACO can ensure such purity of ingredients.

Products that claim to be “natural” or “real” or using “human grade ingredients” have not been subject to an independent third party assessment conducted by an organic certifying body and therefore the consumer has no assurance that what they are feeding their pet is really safe.

The only way you know you are getting organic food is through organic certification.

 Australian Certified Organic



*Certified Organic

Lamb: lamb meat*, liver*, kidney*, heart*, green tripe*,  ground bone*, cod liver oil, kelp*.

Chicken: chicken meat*, liver*, kidney*, heart*, green tripe*, ground bone*, cod liver oil, kelp*

Chicken & Fish: variety of fresh ocean fish (not farmed), chicken meat*, kidney*, ground bone*, cod liver oil, kelp*.

Roo: roo meat, liver*, kidney*, heart*, green tripe*, ground bone*, cod liver oil, kelp*.

Beef: beef meat*, liver* kidney*, heart*, green tripe*, ground bone*, cod liver oil, kelp*.




Will my pet get diarrhea when transitioning to an Organic Paws diet?

It is unlikely your pet will experience softer stools when transitioning to an Organic Paws diet, some pets may actually experience slightly firmer stools to what has previously been considered normal for a day or two, especially if they have previously been on a highly processed diet.  Some pets may also experience a slight shedding. In effect, when switching your pet to an organic raw food diet his/her body will begin to detox all the toxic buildup from the previous heavily processed diet. Any minor transition concerns that may occur will be quickly forgotten when you notice your pets health suddenly thriving.


Why does certified organic food cost more?

Food prices reflect the cost of growing, harvesting, processing, transportation, storage and packaging. To be certified organic food must meet stricter regulations that govern all these steps in the process. Organic food production is usually more labour and management intensive and happens on a smaller scale i.e on smaller farms which lack the benefit of economy of scale.

The only way you can be assured that the food you are eating is completely safe and chemical free is to make sure the product is labeled as “Certified Organic” through an independent certifying body like the ACO. These regulations enforced to ensure these high standards are always met are additional costs incorporated into the price of organic food.


Is it ok to switch to an Organic Paws diet straight away or should I do it slowly?

We say that you the owner know your pet, so choose what ever method you feel your pet would respond to, to make the transition a success. That may be just straight up offering fresh certified organic raw food and seeing how your pet responds, or maybe mixing it in with what ever your pet currently eats until you can complete the transition.

Why continue to put all those heavy toxins in your pet’s body when you know it is continually compromising their digestive and immune system. Processed pet foods and fresh organic raw meats are on two completely different levels when considering the health benefits. For your pets health it is better to drop the processed and pick up with Organic Paws as soon as the transition allows.


Are Organic Paws meals suitable for puppies and kittens?

Yes, Organic Paws meals are not only suitable for puppies and kittens, but by starting your pet’s life off by feeding them Certified Organic food that is unprocessed, safe and free from harmful chemicals and toxins and is also naturally biologically appropriate, you are giving them the best start in life to thrive with good health.  Many processed dry foods are just that – highly processed which are not biologically appropriate for our furry friends and the ‘nutritional value’ is required to be added to these foods in a processed form and in many times in unnatural quantities.

Other raw meat pet food products that are not Certified Organic contain traces of pesticides, antibiotics, GMO’s, preservatives and other harmful chemicals which can build up in the body over time and cause ill health.  Organic Paws meals are naturally safe and balanced in nutrition for cats and dogs of all ages.


Do I need to add vegetables to Organic Paws meals?

Dogs have a very short intestinal tract and they cannot efficiently process vegetable fibre, this is often shown in the stools of dogs that have recently eaten vegetables showing the vegetables appearing in the stool looking very similar to as when they were first eaten.   In the wild, a dog would consume very little plant matter in the diet, this natural source of plant/vegetable/fruit fibre would be consumed through the process of eating the intestines and stomach of their prey which has already been partially digested by the animal and in turn easily digested by a dog.  The stomach lining of these “ruminating” animals is also called “green tripe” which is an ingredient in all Organic Paws recipes.  This source of plant fibre or “green tripe,” is a far more biologically appropriate way for your dog to receive vegetable nutrition and fibre.

Cats are strict carnivores and do not require or should have vegetable matter in their diet.  A solely raw and balanced meal of muscle meat, bone and offal for cats is essential for long term optimum health.


Are the Organic Paws meals nutritionally complete to keep my pet healthy or do I need to feed them addition food as well?

When developing the ingredients for the Organic Paws recipes we focused on developing a raw meat product that simulated a carnivore’s natural diet while adding a couple extra power house ingredients to help maintain optimum health.  When analysing the nutritional components of all ingredients in each of our Organic Paws recipes (see products page), you will find that when all combined together, each recipe contains all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, in their natural form, required to keep your pet in optimum health from their early years right through to those senior years.   Abundant vitamins, trace minerals, essential nutrients, fatty acids, enzymes and beneficial bacteria are all present in every Organic Paws recipe making it a complete and naturally balanced meal for cats and dogs of all ages.


Organic Paws Story:

Working in the pet industry for 20 years including owning a pet shop on the Gold Coast for 18 years, we have been very fortunate to have met a large variety of pets, many different breeds and their very proud owners.

Over the years we began to notice an increasing amount of pets at an early age developing chronic degenerative diseases like liver and kidney failure, heart disease, cancer and chronic skin conditions. We had previously only heard about these sorts of conditions appearing in a lot older pets towards the end of their life.

After researching the ingredients in many processed dry foods, we were horrified to find how toxic and dangerous the long term effects of these foods could have on a pet’s health. We decided we wanted to educate our customers about the health benefits of feeding their pets fresh raw meats and bones like a carnivore was designed to eat naturally. Over time we were increasingly rewarded with more and more customers telling us their success stories of improvements in their pet’s health after they switched to a raw food diet.

Happy to hear so many success stories from pet owners of their pet’s health improving when switching to a raw diet, we were still concerned about the increasing amounts of antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic fertilizers and pesticides that are present in meats so commonly available for pet and human consumption today. This toxic chemical buildup over time would become compromising and ultimately detrimental to pet’s health similar to that of the processed dry food.

We believe there was a need for a safe, natural, raw and balanced certified organic pet food that mimics the diet of a carnivore in nature. We felt pet food should be food our pets would instinctively love, thrive on and give them the best chance of living a long healthy and disease free life.

ORGANIC PAWS became the name for our product.


** Frozen Product** Interstate shipping not available




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