Real Food for Dogs & Cats

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A practical guide to feeding your pet a balanced, natural diet

Written by Dr Clare Middle

We know that a natural whole food diet is important for our own long-term health, Similarly, feeding the diet nature intended is likely to be the best way of keeping your pets happy and healthy too.

With over 25 years experience in both conventional and complementary veterinary medicine, Dr Clare Midle has created a practical guide to give dog and cat owners one of the most important healing tools for the animals under their care - an understanding of the physiological basis for a natural diet and the simple steps to make the transition from commercial, processed pet food to a balanced, primarily raw, natural diet. She has seen animals respond to this diet change with loss of 'doggy' smell, itchy skin, weight, a gain of energy, glossy coat, cleaner teeth, greater well being and greater longevity.


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