Ruff Play Foam Treat Triangle

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Finally a toy that can withstand and encourage your doggo’s active lifestyle! The Foam Treat Triangle is a multi-use must-have for older chewers and puppies alike. Made from lightweight yet durable foam, this toy can withstand boisterous games of fetch, relentless chewing sessions, and even water play. As if your pup couldn’t love this toy enough already, it’s also a treat dispenser for your dog’s favourite snacks.

·        Encourages healthy chewing habits for puppies and adult dogs

·        Durable for outdoor and indoor play

·        Highly visible and will float on water

·        Bouncy for enthusiastic play sessions


* No returns, refunds or exchanges will be accepted for chewed toys.

None of our toys, even the ‘tougher’ ones are sold as indestructible*

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