Yours Droolly Training Pads

Size: 10pk
Sale price$12.95


Great for toilet training puppies and kittens

Can be used to assist in the management of elderly pets with incontinence

Perfect as a litter box or pet carry crate liner

Great to place under food and water bowls to control spills

Can absorb up to 3 cups of liquid

Handy positioning tabs – sticky tabs to lock the pads in position

Each pad has 5 layers of liquid control and protection

Absorbent top sheets to prevent messy tracking by funnelling and drawing in wetness, then trapping it within the pad

Super Absorbent Core rapidly absorbs the liquid, keeping the surface layer dry to touch in a minute and eliminating tracking on paws

The bottom 2 layers are liquid locking and protection layers, to prevent leakage onto floors or the surfaces under the mat


Each pad: 60 x 60 cm


Keep the pad in an area available to your pet, but away from the bed and food

If toilet accidents happen, remove all traces of the odour to prevent your pet being attracted back to that area to toilet

To completely eliminate odour from accident sites, use an enzyme based cleaner specifically made for cleaning urine stains and odour removal

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